A transmission enters the scene

Shortly before Halloween I picked up a TH400 of unknown condition for two hundred bucks.  The trans was in a first gen camaro that some guy was restoring.  He had purchased the car as someone else’s failed project and wasn’t sure if the trans worked or not.  The guy threw in a torque converter for a first generation SBC to boot, why not if you’re not using it and not sure that it works anyway.  Money was exchanged and my son and I were homeward bound with a stinky transmission in the back of our Saturn.  I used lots of trash bags and old cardboard and made it home without any fluid on the carpet of the SUV.

Sharp eyed readers will notice the car has changed bays, from the middle to the end bay.  It was about this time I sold the Corvette, making room in the garage for the Fireturd to flourish.


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