Let’s begrudgingly work on the car…

Late September and most of October had me ripping the car apart.  I pulled the whole front clip off the car, pulled the interior out and stored what was left of it in the basement.  The car is rough.  The car is also apparently a shaggin wagon for stink bugs.  There was a literal carpet of dead stink bugs beneath the rear seats.  I found a snakeskin in the trunk.  There were ten or so paper wasp nests throughout the car.  My wife tossed a bug bomb into the car and another under the car and then ran for her life but the bug bombs did the trick, no more wasps/stinkbugs/etc.  Good times.

The picture with the front of the car shredded was taken 9/15/15, I didn’t get the pressure washer out until Halloween of that year.

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