Test fit #1

My first test fit.  This is the first of four or five times I had the motor in and out of the car.  The trans crossmember is out of the car and the tail of the trans is on a jack.  I bought ICT Billet LS retrofit motormounts and a pair Bryke solid gen 1 SBC motor mounts from Amazon.  I picked the ICT Billet retrofit mounts because they had a lot of adjustability and based on my measurements I could put the engine pretty far back and still clear the firewall.

The motor as pictured is sitting in the factory k-member holes.  I have two blocks of 3/4″ MDF jammed under the mounts.  Without the spacers the pan hit the k-member.

If you’re taking notes you may think the 3/4″ spacers are important but slow your roll because they’re not.  During this test fit I still had the truck pan on the engine.  You don’t see it in the pics but the sump of the pan is about 1 1/2 inches below the k-member.  I decided that would never do and some time later switched over to an f-body oil pan.  With the f-body oil pan in place I was able to go with a 1/4″ spacer between the k-member and the motor mounts.

Here’s a closeup of the MDF spacer.  I make plenty of poor choices but running the motor on pieces of scrap wood are not among those poor choices.  I later cut spacers out of 3/4″ aluminum.

Picture showing how much room there is to work.  It looked like a lot at the time with the intake manifold gone.  In retrospect I should have moved the motor a few more inches front so I could get to bolts more easily.

In this last picture I’ve taken the trans crossmember and slid it back to where it needs to be for the tail of the trans to land on it.  I think I’m done when I take this picture but I am woefully mistaken.

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