Nothing Fits, Let’s just give up

Here I’ve slapped on a bunch of parts that we’ll actually need for a functioning car.  Minor details like an alternator, power steering pump, brake booster, coils, valve covers, etc.  As you can see, nothing fits, so I quit.  End of blog.  Thanks for reading, see you some other time.

I didn’t actually quit here.  I did some Googling here, a bit of forum crawling there, and low and behold it turned out there was a solution.

The big power steering pump problem was easy to solve.  Don’t run power steering.  Done.  Next problem: Alternator.

Someone at GM isn’t bothered by an alternator that is at an altitude equal to an NBA center.  I and my Fireturd were greatly bothered by this big ol’ wart sticking up on top of the engine.  Also in order for the alternator to sit at the summit I’d need to run a cowl hood.  Included in all my other bad choices was the choice to not run a cowl hood.  Everybody runs a cowl hood so I decided that I would not.  My friend Google pointed me toward an f-body alternator mount (part #12563327), a Gates idler pulley #38008, and a Gates belt #K060547.

The forum post is here:

I also found that the rear lip of the passenger a-arm hits the bottom of the header.  I notched a bit of the lip to make room.

Last but not least our sharp eyed readers will notice that the coils are probably going to melt from the radiant heat coming off the headers.  Ultimately I built little coil mounts from a piece of square tube with two pieces of all-thread running through it.

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