This was a turning point.  There are moments that stand out in your life.  I remember the births of my kids vividly.  And to have the vehicle that you built spring to life is right up there with that.  Send the hatemail if you must but I stand by my statement.  It makes you that proud.  And here is my moment.  February 28th, 2017 at 6:49PM EST.  HOT GOLLY GOOD NIGHT PIPES.

This demonstrates the beauty of fuel injection by the way.  Before I even tried to start the engine I fired every injector via the computer to verify the ECU, the wiring, the tuning software, etc.  I fired every spark plug.  Since the engine has a reluctor the timing is preset except for the amount of advance I program in for cranking.  I set up my camera, crawled into the car, hit the starter, and it started.  I was shocked.  When I was a kid I watched my father crank a fully rebuilt 1957 Oldsmobile J2 for two days straight with barely a cough.  But here my 141,000 mile clapped out LM7 fired up immediately.

Confession time – I have a video of my Corvette starting up “for the first time” after I built and installed the 383.  I actually had cranked and started the engine before making my son come out and film the amazing “first start”.  So for this build I decided I was going to film on my own so I could keep my failures to myself.  Let’s not get carried away here with this confession and assume I was going to be completely honest–I’d planned on filming each start attempt individually so I could either show a “first start” video or I could show the actual ten failed attempts before the first start.  Phew, it feels good getting that seven year old lie off my chest to make room for the new stack of lies.

Thanks to the magic of fuel injection I needed no lies.  It was as if He-Man himself had entered my dingy garage, pulled out his sword and yelled “I HAVE THE POWER” and then by the power of Fire and Turd brought forth life in my homebrewed Chinese monstrosity.  Thanks He-Man!

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