Ramming speed

At the end of 2016 I was in full-on ramjet mode, just maximum rammyness to get the car running.  I had just drawn a line in the sand to have hot pipes by the end of the year.  I missed.  I had made a deal with my wife that I’d put in a second floor laundry in 2017.  Like any good husband I reneged on my offer and came up with a new offer, if you just let me get the engine running I’ll go full speed on the laundry room.  Once the pipes got hot I did in fact begin working on the laundry room whenever my wife was looking.  Luckily she has a job too (you can’t live in the lap of luxury like this without two incomes) so she isn’t always around.

So while the cat is away the mice will play with Chinese car parts.  My new goal was “vehicle moving under its own power while staying under wife-radar”.  I prepped and painted the steering column and a pair of two inch drop spindles for the front.  In the meantime I had ordered the wheels, tires, shifter, custom driveshaft, and on and on.  Good times.

A note on the spindles – I bought McGaughys 2″ drop spindles for 1970-1978 F-body.  I bolted everything up and found that the brake pads were tight up against the rotors on the inside.  In the end I put the factory spindles back on because the front end was too low.  One of these days I have to figure out how much I need to shim to be able to use the drop spindles.

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