Replacement Waterpump

I had planned on bending my top radiator hose a lot and possibly letting it rub on the hood in the interest of extreme cheapness.  Truck engine waterpump outlets go straight up while car engine waterpump outlets go straight front.  Straight front works wayyyy better, so I ponied up the cash for a cheap knockoff Camaro waterpump and a set of ICT Billet 3/4″ spacers.  The spacers are necessary to get the waterpump out even with the truck harmonic balancer.

I also bought a nice little thermostat jobbie that let me put a first generation small block Chevy thermostat in (way cheaper) and it had a straight neck to boot.  A note for anyone thinking about doing this, don’t.  There is a great article here that laid it all out for me.  I used the article extensively to figure out what I had done wrong.  The bottom line is that you must run an LS style thermostat or you must block the bypass built into the waterpump and run no thermostat.  You can’t run a 1st gen SBC thermostat.  Well, you can, but you are going to run hot.  Really, really hot.

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