Wheels and Tires

Pictured are my Jegs SSR Mags/Vision 561 Sport Mag wheels.  I like them, and they were priced right.  The fronts are 15×4 with 1 3/4″ backspacing, the rears are 15×8 with 4 1/2″ backspacing.  I originally ordered 5 1/2″ backspacing for the rear.  I based this on a couple of vague measurements and some guesses.  I figured if I went with a ton of backspacing I could put spacers on to bring the wheel out.  The wheels came first, I excitedly opened up one of the big rears and rushed to the garage and slapped the wheel onto the brake drum.  To my dismay the rim hit the leaf spring.  Based on the advertised section width of the Nitto drag radials I was going to run I needed another 1 1/4 of backspacing to stay off the leaf spring.  Disaster.

Jegs has a great return policy, so back to Jegs went the wheels.  I only had to pay shipping (it was a $34 mistake on my part).  Jegs shipped me the 4 1/2″ backspacing wheels, problem solved.

The front tires are Nexen SB802 165/80R15’s and the rears are Nitto NT555R 275/60R15 drag radials.  I used the tire machine at the local hotrod shop, Adam’s Service Center.  I thought I’d be smart and laid rags over the claws that hold the wheel.  Bad idea–the rags ended up stuck in the bead as it seated on the rim.  I had to let all the air out and dismount the tire to get the rags loose.  Luckily nobody saw me and nobody reads this site so my secret should be safe forever.

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