Pump the brakes

Sorry that’s just another pun.  I didn’t actually pump the brakes, I was still full speed ahead.  Well, as full speed ahead as you can be without making your wife aware that you’re aren’t focusing on your home improvements as promised.

So the big hotness here is that I put my Viking A205-350rk coilovers on the car.  The Vikings are double adjustable shocks, the 350rk is a 350lb spring rate coil spring.  Because you change where the weight of the vehicle rides on the A-arm you must either replace your lower A-arms with units designed for coilovers or you must reinforce your existing lower A-arms.  I bought a 1/8″ sheet steel and took it my Dad’s garage so I could use his plasma cutter.  I cut a pair of circles out and had my future son-in-law stick weld the plates into the spring cups in my lower A-arms.  Then I cut out the hole for the bottom of the shock and drilled the mounting holes.  So far it is holding fine and I’ll update if one of the coilovers suddenly tears through my plates.

Also pictured are my rotors and their heat shields.  I took a picture so I could ask around on whether or not I needed to retain the heat shields.  Since I couldn’t get a straight answer from either my friends or the internet I chose to keep the heatshields.  I cleaned them up with my big knotted wire wheel and hit them with black high temperature brake paint courtesy of Autozone.

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