Disaster Strikes Again

Restoring cars to their original condition is challenging.  A little more challenging is trying to fit parts that were never intended for the car.  I finally got around to trying to figure out what kept me from being able to push the car.  I put the car back in the air and pulled the wheels off.  I had decided that the problem was the front brakes dragging since I had identified that as a problem when I was assembling everything.  I put the factory spindles back to fix the problem.  I pulled the drums off and double checked them as well.  Drums back on, wheels back on, put the car down, it still won’t move.  #Rage.

Back in the air and spin the tires–the rears won’t budge.  I take one wheel off and can spin it’s drum but the opposite wheel doesn’t turn at all.  I take that wheel off and now everything spins like it’s supposed to.  Stick the wheels back on and crawl under the car and low and behold, disaster.  The shock mounts are jammed into the tires.  UGHHH.

For now, I ripped off the shock mounts and said bad words in their general direction, then I went inside to internet for a solution.

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