Passing the Bar

I asked for an 8 point roll bar for Christmas.  Santa Claws or Dad delivered, the verdict is still out on what jolly good soul is responsible for the purchase.  It’s a Competition Engineering set with a main hoop specific to the car and then a universal tube kit for everything else.  The main hoop was relatively easy, once I picked a spot to mount I measured and cut using the 14″ cutoff saw.  I went for the rear tubes next and was immediately stopped by fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  Luckily, the godfather of the interwebs, Google, delivered in the form of  I entered my tube sizes and a bunch of different angles and printed off a whole pile of templates.  I cut them out, taped them to my tubes, and went to town with my 3″ cutoff wheel.  I used one of my chinese carbide burrs to angle the inside of the cuts and then made a giant slag pile to tack the bars in place on the car.  Pictured is future son-in-law welding up the tube with his TIG welder.

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