Frickin Disaster Frickin Strikes Again

This is the morning of The Big Reveal.  The honest guy from work, he’s genuinely interested in seeing how a $50 paintjob turns out.  The guys at the shop are curious.  People at work are asking about the car.  I’m ready for show and tell.  At 7:11AM I strut out to the driveway.  I immediately notice the significant amount of dew that is directly under the car.  Under the car and slowly making its way down the driveway.  Green dew.  Lots and lots of slowly dribbling, sweet smelling, green dew.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s not dew, it’s antifreeze and it looks like a gallon is spread across the driveway.  I have hopeful thoughts of “I didn’t tighten radiator hose enough” or “Insert other simple fix here”.  If I’d have had Dorothy’s shoes I’d have been clicking the heels together saying “There’s no place like loose pipe clamps”.  Alas, it was not a pipe clamp, it was the left bank.  Dead center, dripping from the joint between the block and the head.  I closed my eyes, real tight like a little kid that doesn’t want to see something.  When I opened my eyes, everything was fixed and I had a pony.

Except nothing was fixed and it was still dripping, mocking me with each green relentless unstoppable drip.  I went back in my house and told my wife I was selling the car.  She was very supportive and told me to go buy a new engine.  I told her how much a 376ci LSX cost so new engines are out of the question.  I got a cup of coffee, hopped in my daily driver, and drove up to the shop for my abuse.

My friends were surprisingly decent to me.  Well, as decent as friends can be I guess.  Once they determined I wasn’t going to harm myself over my failed project they began the abuse, so that’s being a good group of friends right there.  They also abused with care–they wanted to get their digs in but were making sure I wasn’t too upset.  Thanks guys, love you too!

I left the car sit all day.  I didn’t even go in the garage, I didn’t surf the internet looking for engines.  I moped.  So this is the end, the blog stops here, it’s been fun, and thanks.

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