Reassembly and getting back on the road again

I spent the next two weeks fixing the damage and reassembling.  I did some of the “while you’re in there” project while I was at it.  Anyone who’s done a DIY project is familiar with “while you’re in there”.  It can quickly turn into a hole with no bottom.  Luckily I was too rammy to get into too many side projects, those tires weren’t going to burnout by themselves.

The side projects I chose this time were the setup of my boost controller and the methanol injection plumbing.  The boost controller was easy–extend a wire from the ECU to the boost controller, drag in lots of rubber tube, done.  The methanol plumbing was another story.  I spent a while at the local hardware store picking out high pressure line and fittings.  I went with a McMaster Carr nozzle as per this guy:  Another trip for more fittings specific to the nozzle and we were ready to roll.  Since I had the intake off to pull the heads I took the opportunity to drill and die-grind an oblong opening in the bottom of the intake tube for my methanol nozzle.  I put it in at about a 45* angle point into the intake.  I put the nozzle about two inches from the intercooler so there was a decent amount of time for the water and methanol to flash to vapor before being pulled into a cylinder.  Plus it fit nice there too.  I still hadn’t decided on tank and pump placement yet, but, you know, “while I was in there” it made sense to put that nozzle in.

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