Disaster Strikes, yeah, yeah, blah, blah

I’m getting tired of titling posts “Disaster Strikes”.  It’s a recurring theme around here.

This particular disaster involved oil, heat, and poor choices.  The oil is coming out of the turbos, so is the heat, and the poor choices are all me.  When I first jury-rigged my turbo oil returns in to the front cover I used aluminum hard line between the turbo and the front cover.  It looked great, but as mentioned previously, leaked more oil than the Exxon Valdez.  When I had the front cover welded up I went to the local hardware store for tube and ended up with some high temperature, semi-transparent food grade silicon hose.  I liked the idea of being able to make sure I was moving oil through the turbos.  The high temperature part was defined as 300* F.  The oil is supposed to be around 200 some odd degrees, and I figured those crafty engineers surely had a safety factor fluffed in there.  So the poor choice was made to buy and install said hose.

On this fine day I bipped around town, tooling thither and yon, doing occasional pulls and impressing myself immensely.  That was before I started smelling oil.  I pulled it over, lifted the hood, closed the hood, and gave up.  Apparently the combination of the oil heat and the radiant heat of the turbo casing adds up to more than the safety factor on the 300* hose.  It was melted.  It was pulling out of the AN fitting.  It sucked.  A quick wrap of black electrical tape to stem the worst of the leaking got me limped home.  I did take a nice picture of the car while it hemorrhaged oil into a store parking lot, so I have that going for me.

You may think with all the recent disasters that I would buy higher quality components.  You would be wrong with that thought.  Before I went to bed that evening the stainless steel braided hose was on it’s way from that magical land of knockoffs and cheap labor, China.

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