My Exploding Rear

You read that right. My rear exploded. Somebody told me once how innuendo can really sell a site, so here is a description of my exploding rear.

It didn’t explode in actuality. It just kind of groaned and moaned, to the point where it was obvious I needed to really probe in my rear end to see what was making the ruckus.

I found that the cross pin was destroyed. Mangled. Maimed. Butt ugly. I had to tear up my rear end anyway for a c-clip eliminator kit so let’s get to it.

After surfing the web a bunch I landed on a nice Moser kit–30 spline aftermarket axles, c-clip eliminators, and a full spool. My friends at the shop told me I’d hate a full spool. They are kinda right.

Owning a car with a full spool is interesting. It drives funny. It turns worse. It hops backing out of your driveway. But the best was at a big car meet in Lititz. I still had an hour or more of work to do before the car show, so I still had not driven the spooled car up to this point.

The place was packed. Cars and people were everywhere. A car was rolling out of the front parking lot and a space was now open. I was directed to the space in the curved parking area near the front of the show. I cruised on past the parking space, popped it into reverse, cranked over the front wheels and started backing in. Well, I tried to back in, but almost immediately the car is stopped because I’m trying to turn sharp on a locked rear. Imagine this busy and packed car show, full of people milling about in wonder. Now imagine a rust-hole strewn FireTurd with open pipes trying to back into a parking space turning 3600RPM and blowing 3PSI of boost. It looked like the Red Sea parting as people got out of the way. The car sounded like I was trying to do a brake stand and was wedged and twisted up under all the torque needed to back up three more feet. Good stuff.

Driving on a spool is both better and worse then you think. In normal driving you rarely notice the spool. The car drives a little funny, but you quickly get used to it. Then you forget all about it and try to make a tight corner only to push the front end straight through the intersection. Or bounce it off the rev limiter backing into a parking space. Anyway, my take on a full spool is that you can’t get traction any cheaper. So go for it if that’s your thing.

Here’s what I learned. You have to chop the ends off your housing to put in the new bearing blocks and that’s not as scary as I’d have thought. I stuck a spray paint lid over the end and hacked away.

I also learned that buying decent parts pays off–the Moser parts fit great and the instructions were fabulous.

Heat up your bearings on your stove when your wife is not home so she doesn’t smell the oil burning off of them.

While you can use shoe polish to set your pinion and ring gear spacing, the special grease is way better.

If you go to all the work of doing this, put in a new pinion and ring gear. I didn’t because I’m cheap and dumb. But you should. Last but not least, buy a fancy diff cover so everyone knows you are serious.