Door bars suck

This post is to let you know that door bars suck. I thought crawling into the race seats was pretty bad. Then I started crawling over a door bar and into the race seat. It’s rough. I’m old. And decrepit.

I got a door bar kit. I set everything together and realized I need the swingout kit as well. I spent a while deciding where I wanted everything to land, then started cutting and hacking and then finally tacked everything together. For those that are interested I used the calculator here: . It is a fabulous free tool and kudos to the folks that figured it all out. The penis shaped printout got me in the ballpark, then it was just a matter of grinding and refitting until it was close enough.

As hard as door bars are to climb over, they are great for stiffening up the car. They made a noticeable difference, especially after they were fully welded.

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