Safety First, or in there somewhere

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve slowed down on the project significantly. I’m putting in another bathroom, it’s tax season, I’m old… I have more excuses if none of these sound worthy. But really, I was kind of depressed on the whole project. You see, when you put in a roll bar you should tack the whole thing in. Then you should mark everything. Then you should grind out the tacks and remove everything. Then weld in each floor plate completely. Then weld in each tube completely. When you are done, nothing is blocking your weld paths and everything comes out great.

Instead I had a safety erection. Well, more like a ‘git r dun’ erection. I wanted to “DO IT” as Shia Labeouf would say. So I cut the main hoop and had my daughter’s fabricator boyfriend weld that bitch in. Then I cut the rear bars and had them tacked up good and welded all around the top. Then I held off for a while, working on other parts of the project.

When it came time to get back to the roll bar the future son in law gave it his all. He broke out a big grinder and bigger professional welder and threw three or four hours into it. He made some great looking welds where his equipment would fit. But, where the equipment didn’t fit there were no welds. I pored over the NHRA rulebook looking for some sort of way out of the problem. There really isn’t any, especially when it comes to safety. So I got depressed and didn’t work on the car too much. This day, when I hacked up and fitted my driveshaft loop, was a bit different.

I brought the car up to the shop to use the lift. Life is easier when you have access to a lift. There is no comparison between standing up and walking and getting a tool and laying back down again versus walking over to the toolbox and walking back under your car. So I took the easy route and put the car on the lift at Adam’s Service Center.

The next hurdle was to fit my Chinese driveshaft loop. Not surprisingly, the universal driveshaft loop didn’t quite fit straight out of the box. Ultimately I hacked both sides completely in half and welded it back together again. Probably not the way the designers intended, but it works and is in the correct place. For those interested, the correct place is within six inches of the front yoke of the driveshaft. This project is done, and it’s on to the next.

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