Happy days are here again…

I took the car up to my friends at Adam’s Service Center. Adam’s is frequented by man who is now my Daddy Jack. Between his years of welding experience and his ability to contort his body in painful yet amusing ways, he was able to fully weld the entire roll bar and door bar setup. Thank you Daddy Jack. He made me be his tool bitch and his blower. Before any of y’all get any funny ideas, my job was to blow out the undercoating fires under the car. That was the only blowing that went on that day.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to have to buy another roll bar setup and redo all the work I had already done reinvigorated my spirit. I immediately quit the bathroom fixup job I had been working on (who needs a bathroom anyway) and got back to the much more important project of the FireTurd. I’m sure my wife and kids understand that I need to do burnouts more than they need to pee.

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