Wiring sucks

It’s getting down to the wire (pun intended) and time to do some of the least pleasant of automotive work–wiring. It’s not the wiring that’s bad. I actually like wiring, I’m a computer guy after all and wiring is a part of that. The thing that sucks is contorting your arthritic body into the strangely shaped crevices that automakers leave for feet and working upside down. I learned some things today although there is no way to tell if it’s going to stick or not. Here’s the takeaways:

Remove your seats. This sucks. But do it anyway. I don’t care if removing the seat takes longer than you think the wiring is going to take. Here’s a hint–the wiring always takes longer than you think anyway, so just remove the damn seats already. Your back will thank you.

Lay down carpet. Or a pad. Or anything. You wouldn’t think that laying on your back for just a few minutes would be that uncomfortable. Please refer to the previous statement that the wiring always takes longer than you think. So lay down a pad or carpet. I did both and it was wonderful. I’ll never lay on the metal floor again. The pad really took some of the suck out of wiring.

Document as you go. You know how you’ll go back and write that down after your done? Yeah. You won’t. Somewhere you know that. Mark the wire, write it in a Google Document somewhere or something. I’ve already come back the next day to document and forgot where the wires went. You remember more quickly if it’s only been a day. If you come back a month later it will look like some drunk person threw spaghetti under your dash. Document.

Double check all your connections. There are few things worse then having to crawl back under your dash because something doesn’t work that should work. And while checking your connections, make sure you don’t have any hot conductors showing. I had a heat shrink blade connector that the heat shrink part slid back and it would arc occasionally causing the car to just shut off. I always thought I was hitting a safety shutdown for oil pressure or AFR or something. Nope–just a bad connector. Check ’em.

Last but not least, don’t be stingy with the zip ties. Good luck wiring folks.

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