Windshield glass replacement

You might be expecting some good tips on installing windshield glass. In a way, you’re right. Here’s my good tip: pay someone else to do it. I paid someone else to build my transmission because I wanted it to work. I got professional welders to do my roll bar because it has to pass tech. And I paid a guy to put in my windshield because it cost less than getting a windshield shipped to my house.

The guys from A-Okay Auto Glass rolled out to my garage and had the windshield replaced with no muss and no fuss in about an hour. I don’t know whether the guy had ever done a second generation F-body windshield before but you wouldn’t have known it. The guy was bing-bang-boom done. It cost me a little over $200. I could have bought a windshield for a mere $139.00 from the good folks at Jegs but the windshields aren’t part of the free shipping deal. The shipping is so un-free, in fact, that there is a $99 shipping charge on top of the cost of the glass. So for a little less money, I got the windshield brought to my house and installed in my garage. A pretty good tip if I do say so myself.

If you decide against my sage advice, it turns out that f-body windshields are just glued in. Take out the old windshield, clean up the frame, lay out a thick bead of smutz, stick on new windshield. Much like the guys at the car shows that do tool demos, there is a trick to it and this oversimplification glosses over that. I still recommend you pay someone to do it.

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